maandag 14 januari 2008

Week 2 Blended learning & E-learning

Blended learning is a term that represents a shift in instructional strategy.

It is a mix of traditional face to face teaching and learning combined with electronic learning -> The best of both worlds.

Blends are characterized by customization, integration, purpose, flexibility, and redundancy. The alternative—one-size-fits-all—is no way to serve a global workforce.” (Allison Rossett)

E-learning is defined as the use of multimedia technologies and the internet to improve the quality of learning. An effective way of facilitating and optimising the learning processes.

Diana Laurllard is is head of the E-learning Startegy Unit at the Department for Education and Skills in the U.K

The basic premisi of her work is that technology should not be used to replicate existing classroom practice but should be exploited to do what is not possible in the classroom”

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