zaterdag 12 januari 2008

Week 1 Knowledge?

Knowledge is defined variously as facts, information and skills aquired by a person through experience or education.

We also have ...

A knowledge Building theory that was created and developed by Carl Breiter
and Marlene Scaramalia. It referes to the process of creating new cognitive artifacts as a result of common goals, group discussions, and synthesis of ideas.

One of the hallmarks of knowledge building is a sense of we superseding the sense of I, a feeling that the group is operating collectively and not just as an assemblage of individuals.

So what is the difference between knowledge building and learning?

Scardamalia & Bereiter see learning is an internal, (almost) unobservable process that results in changes of beliefs, attitudes, or skills.

By contrast, knowledge building is seen as creating or modifiing public knowledge. Knowledge Building is knowledge that lives ‘in the world’ and is available to be worked on and used by other people.

A Knowledge Building Community (KBC) is a community in which the primary goal is knowledge creation rather than the construction of specific products or the completion of taks. If knowledge is not realized for a community than we do not have knowledge building.

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